Idolizing Activism


It’s crazy how much power celebrities hold. People look up to them, yearn for them, and even mimic them in hopes of becoming like them. Celebrities are idolized everywhere in the world, and their social media attracts hundreds of followers a day. Some celebrities, like Shia LeBeouf, have found a way to put their fame to good use.

Celebrities are lightning rods in a literal sense. The real work of combating bigotry is handled not by groovy street theatrics but by the hundreds of thousands of ordinary people who march and protest and call their legislators.” -Bellafante

In Bellafante’s Shia LeBeouf and the Pitfalls of Activism, Le Bouf is noted often times at rallys or intense protests in the streets, and even got arrested at one point. His strong perseverance to stick up to his own beliefs have inspired many people, young and old across the world.

I honestly love his strong character, and his willingness to do what it takes to get his voice out there. Without regard to what the media might say about him, LeBouf still stands on the streets within crowds yelling out chants for freedom and call for rights. Using his fame, I believe he is rather a unique celebrity, and one I can definitely see making a difference.




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