Typos and Moar

“If you can’t figure out the proper arrangement of 26 little letters, what does that say about your larger enterprise?”             -Allan Fallow

Everyone’s made a typo before, whether be it’s instead of its or their instead of there. Society now relies so much on technology that typing quickly is considered a great skill. However, fast typing calls for errors and typos, as I’m sure I’ve made a few throughout my blog posts. But errors can be easily fixed with some revising and looking over.

So when it comes to someone responsible for the entire country – shouldn’t they at least be able to check over their spelling?

In Allan Fallow’s Spelling’s not for everyone, Mr. Precedenthe explains the shortcomings of the new president, and his lack to catch his own major typos say a lot about his personality.

I completely agree with Mr. Fallow, as he points out that someone irresponsible about their own writing on social media, with millions of followers, is someone hard to trust with the entire country. Can you imagine making treaties with someone that can’t spell basic middle-school level words? Kind of embarrassing.

As I’m bashing on Mr. Precedent over here, a part of does understand a bit – everyone does make mistakes and no one’s perfect. But c’mon, a “shocker” isn’t a “shoker”!!



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