Throughout my blog posts, I have touched topics and subjects I’ve encountered in my daily life – mostly from art talk to opinion on moral and ethical values. I’ve used a lot of the #photography tag, which I hope brings in artistic viewers that would relate to my writing. For the SQUID elements, I tend to categorize my thoughts in to QUESTION, as I’m always curious as to why things are the way there are. I seem to always return to this element in hopes that someone out there may be debating the answer just like me.

I notice a pattern in going from an artistic standpoint to a thoughtful one – one day I’ll be writing about my view on pieces while others I’m wondering why the sky looks sad. Most of my blog posts are very personal and not very formal – which I prefer since it makes it more comfortable to read. I hope my writing sounds as if I’m directly having a conversation with my readers while drinking some hot green tea.

One of my favorite posts ever has to be Fears,  in which I describe the significance my fears have on my life as well as others. This connection between fear and our personal life seems to haunt me, as I realize how much things that hold people back can affect them. I could go on and on about this post, but instead I made it simple and to the point.








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