Play Day


*CC credited

This week, my AP Eng/Comp class participated in the Global School Play Day. We also listened to a podcast which talked about the importance of incorporating play into children’s lives – and how school’s dominance over a child’s day can interfere with their imagination.

“Schools should not be longer – they should be better.”

As an AP student, I spend countless hours finishing outlines and essays – which I now realize show no exhibition of any kind of creativity. I simple follow my teacher’s instructions, complete what’s needed to get a high score, and write about things I am not even interested in. School has transformed so much over the past decade, bumping play and imagination out of the scene, and pushing forward academic writing and knowledge.

Even worse, elementary school kids only get at a max 45 minutes of play a day – yet bustled with schoolwork and memorizing their times tables.

I wholeheartedly believe that play is essential to everyone’s lives, no mater how old or young, and should be integrated into our daily lives even further.


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