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Let’s face it- people are afraid of confronting their own weaknesses, rather, they would live in the existence of their strengths. That’s an individual, you-gotta-work-on-yourself kind of problem – but what if it was something we, as nation, was ignorant to? As Lucinda Rosenfeld clearly states :“For if there’s one taboo subject left in the United States, it may be the existence of a class system as closed and inflexible as the one my husband left across the Atlantic.”

In Rosenfeld’s writing, she showcases how the unmentioned divide in socioeconomic class negatively affects or society and young generation. Perhaps one of my favorite lines : “I’ve been disheartened to discover the extent to which, in a mixed environment, the children themselves seem to self-segregate by socioeconomic status.”

In my opinion, there definitely is a fine between the wealthy and poor, the privileged and unprivileged, the educated and uneducated. But, in contrast to Rosenfeld’s writing, I believe America flaunts that fact, completely aware. Separated communities and lifestyles, the rich lavishly spend their days in luxurious homes, while the underclass work hours upon hours to barely pay off their rent.

How are we to fix this?

Simply, we can’t. In any nation, there will always be the rich and the poor. In every nation there will always be the under and upper class. But, in every nation, there isn’t always discrimination and arrogance; and there doesn’t need to be.



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