Why We Serve


*CC credited

“That, after all, is why we serve – to make people’s lives better, not worse. ”

Obama’s farewell address, taken from LA TIMES.


Obama’s farewell address is definitely one to remember. Looking back on his term, I realize how much effort he has put in towards aiding the less fortunate and wealthy – with outstanding programs like Obamacare. His main purpose as president was to improve the lives of the citizens he was given responsibility to.

As I studied for my presidents test for APUSH, I realized how different all their goals were, as well as the reasons why they became president. It makes me wonder, why do people serve? Why take account for a whole nation, that’s destined to do and think as it pleases anyway? Why spend a portion of your life directing a nation that’s bound to take you for granted anyways?

The answer is actually quite simple – we serve because we hope.

We hope that our efforts will eventually create change, we hope that even the most minuscule acts will have an effect, we hope that by given the chance to lead, the nation will go the right path, towards this paradisiacal utopia that we dream of.



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