*CC Credited by Jim Choate

Are things really what they seem?

In a recent study through NPR.org, studies have found that students are unable to tell from “fake” news to real news – instantly believing any article they see online to be accurate. Who is at fault? Of course, I would immediately say that it is the publishers’, for posting false information. However, it is virtually impossible to stop everyone from publishing as they wish – students must take the time to acknowledge when information may be inaccurate or exaggerated.

As a student myself, and easily fooled at that too, I find it difficult to distinguish lies from truth, and even furthermore confuses me on who I should really believe. Are any website/news sources actually reliable? After all, it is a human typing behind at their computer, not some omnipotent narrator.

This also causes me to connect this to one of the leading problems in society – the spread of false information that could lead to misunderstandings or rumors.

Who out there can I really believe?


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