Rainy Days in Vietnam


*CC photograph by Mauro

It’s amazing how for much of your life, your parents have known you, while you were only there for part of theirs. So what were they like before you were born? I got the chance the find out about my mom’s difficult childhood in rainy Vietnam.

I learned a lot about my mother, and how it was like to grow up in the countryside. Since her father died when she was 3, tasks around the house were much more strenuous, and she grew to be very responsible as the eldest child. She claims that she was an obedient child growing up, and quickly became wild and rebellious the moment she graduated from high school.

What interested me the most is how the atmosphere of the conversation was like. It was interesting enough for me to listen, but I knew how excited she was to be able to talk about her early days. I am very glad I was assigned this task, and I learned a lot from my mother, and how different life is for each individual.


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