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*CC photograph by Sonny Abesmiths

“The country needs a graceful loser in this election. The future of American democracy depends on it.” – LA TIMES

This article in LA TIMES talks about how whoever loses the presidential debate shouldn’t be a sore loser and graciously win. I totally believe in this – except that something even worse was to come- violent protests.

I’m not really a political person myself, but I knew how hated Donald Trump was, especially in California. When he was declared president of the United States, tons of people were distraught and tears were dripping. Tons of videos surfaced online about his victory , as well as tons of violent, hate crimes. Posters and media stating “Fuck Trump” and threatening to hurt him became viral. Even worse, minorities that Trump specifically called out, such as Muslims, have been getting bullied and threatened. Women no longer wear their hijab – for fear of being attacked simply for their religion.

America has evidently taken a step back in time, our unity has fallen apart. If we, as a whole,  don’t do something about this soon, I wouldn’t be surprised if we had an internal war.


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