“To Converse with the Greats”



Looking into Vera Pavlova’s poem “To Converse with the Greats”, I realize and appreciate the power we have, as humans with intellect and structured hands, to be able to write. To be able to voice our thoughts , to be able to share our emotions, to be able to create a story out of nothing but our pure imagination.

In this poem, she wonders , much like myself, of how it would be like to be able to communicate with non-living items such as books or clocks. The power of communication and the boundaries of it are appalling, and keep the reader questioning even more.

What is it like to be able to talk, have a conversation, and share stories with species or things other than humans ? It must be a great deal of fun, since there’s a whole side of the world we do not know – blocked by a barricade of language and words.


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