Lost Beauty



In this time and age, I often wonder what is considered beautiful – big eyes, clear skin, a slender nose. I wonder why. Of course, the definition of beauty is unique to each person.

This shift in beauty as a physical state of being confuses me. One cannot be born with beauty – not putting any effort in at all. To me, although super cheesy, beauty is your actions, your personality, you thoughts. Beauty is what’s in your mind and heart.

Taking a look at myself, I would not be considered “beautiful” at first glance, and I’ve come to accept that. I’ve learned that those who only skim the surface of people without getting to know them are the ones that are often hurt the most.




2 thoughts on “Lost Beauty

  1. Im more interested in what is considered harmonious in the environment. Perhaps we need to be educated more as to what buildings and products are truly functional and beaautiful. It is not complicated – there is a lot of substandard, cheap stuff we all recognise – and the opposite, elegant and beautiful, functional stuff!


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