A Colorful Palette


*CC photograph by Candylei on Flickr

As an artist, I choose colors only to think of the outcome it will present once mixed together on my palette – as it affects and determines the artwork’s final result.

Much like painting, finding out what you want to do and your grades in school determine how your life and job and pretty much maps your entire life out. What you choose to major in and every step you take now leads you closer to the best possible outcome for your career and future.

But what if we were to just choose colors that we liked?

What if we were to take the small steps that made us happy instead?

Is thinking that way so bad? Although we must worry and be wary of our future, we must also realize that you should be having fun, enjoying your life as it is now before you regret the things you didn’t do- the feelings and opportunitites you’ve missed out on.


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