A Mask To Wear

* cc certified

Everyone has a mask they wear.

It starts when you wake up, when you leave the house. You place it on your face, everyday, unconsciously,  in order to appear in a different way to others. Everyone has something they want to hide, something they don’t want the world to know.

A mask can be very deceptive. It can hide true intentions and feelings, and can completely change your outlook on someone.

Some have family and friends they feel comfortable taking their mask off with, revealing their naked, bare face for them to see and acknowledge. Others don’t, and forever stay afraid of letting others see them – afraid of what they will think.

In Japanese culture, Kabuki masks are often worn by performers and actors to present to their audience their character’s persona, similar to the masks people wear everyday.

Beautiful and strikingly elegant, these masks use a variety of shapes and shades to convey exactly how they want the audience to see them.



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